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Al-Lith Resort, Al-Lith West Coast kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is the Dive Village of Dream Divers and just one of our Four Dive Bases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Al-Lith Dive Village is not a Hotel it is a safe, comfortable dive base for diving the Northern Farasan Banks, if you leave your key with the cook your room will be made up cleaned and towels changed daily, if you don’t leave your key then not.

If you are not well travelled, with a sense of humour go to Egypt, everything about the Kingdom is relaxed, the dining, the living, the diving, your dining room is the T.V. lounge, it is open for you 24 hours a day, the cappuccino machine is there for your use, the refrigerators are also open, take what you want, if there is something you require that is available, and not there we will purchase it, there are no hidden charges. If you have a dive site that you wish to dive again just tell your guide it’s your vacation if your group agrees no problem for us, your Captains and crews are as the diving fantastic, the boats are good ,safe and fast,

Starting in January the water temp is 32 deg slowly dropping, in February the sharks are starting to come up into the shallow water, in March as can be attested by many of our well travelled German guests who i am glad to say had a sense of humour, the Whale Sharks and sardines are starting to come to the area this until the end of May into June ( although in the beginning of this month October we had three Whale Sharks also seen by well travelled etc etc, German guests). The temp is dropping to around 28deg so you will require a wet suit of 3 to 4 mm with hood this until June when you can go to 3 mm then in July until November board shorts and surf vest or rash guard. 

Warning this is the South the Farasan Banks, do not even think the North is the same, more about the North in another section.

Best regards Eric and Crews.

Please be aware from the Dive Village to the Banks in good weather is two hours, but the diving is well worth the journey, our tanks are 12liter All filled to 3,200psi or 200bar and all valves are standard we do not use DIN, if your regulator is DIN please bring your adaptor.


Al-Lith town is situated 180 km south of Jeddah, on the Jeddah-Jizan-Yemen highway, a six lane highway following the Red Sea coast, Al-Lith being the first town of any notable size along that highway.

Nestled in the crook of Mirsa Ibrahim a natural bay containing the Dive Resort the Coast Guard Station and the local fishing boats, the Dive Village consists of Forty family cabins and twenty singles cabins, twenty of the family cabins have twin beds, eleven have three beds, eight have queen beds, there are also two suites, all of the family cabins are surrounding the full sized pool and two Jacuzzis.

All the family rooms have a full bathroom, breakfast bar with mini fridge, telephone, and wireless internet and sat T.V.

On the singles side of the resort there are twenty singles cabins each with two beds and sat T.V. there are communal bathrooms at the bottom of this row.
In the snack bar is the common area where you will find, big screen T.V. billiards, table tennis, play station and internet, also a fully fitted and stocked dive shop and chandlery, there is a dive fill station supplying air, nitrox and rental gear, a chandlery for your boating parts and a dive and fishing equipment store.
Al-Lith is the departure Port for the Farasan Banks, some of the last virgin tropical reef systems in the world, thousands of reefs stretching south to the Farasan Islands then on to Yemen.

The marina attached to the property is the home port for Dream Master one of our three Liveaboard dive boats also in the marina is Dream three a 42ft Custom dive boat and four other boats all fiberglass and all new, to be used for diving, fishing or as a taxi service to and from the Island of Abu Latt .